Nsure Agent Program

You may check this tutorial video to know how to join this program:


I. Function

Nsure Agent Program is set up to encourage you to invite your friends who are in need of real insurance coverage to take policy from Nsure and get commission as reward for your effective sharing.

II. How to make a referral

Step 1: Go to the Agent section and copy your Referral URL. Share this URL to your friend. Please make sure you are linking with the wallet address that you'd like to receive your commission with.

Step 2: The referral URL shall take your friend to the Purchase section, and he/she can quote for policy as usual practice (can refer to Policy Purchase manual for step-by-step guide).

Step 3: Once your friend click "Get Quote", he/she will see a page as below. Please check if the address in the invitation code matches your correct wallet address. This checking is essential as the commission reward will be distributed to this address.

Step 4: You may find records for all the policies sold through your referral URL in the Agent section, together with the outstanding and settled amount of commission you earned. The outstanding commission will be distributed monthly.

You can claim your commission by click "Claim Extra Reward" button at the right-top on Agent section page. Below window will pop up showing the reward available, including the outstanding amount from both agent referral program and underwriting reward. To save gas fee, all claimable tokens will be settled to your account once you click Claim and approve the transaction.

III. Reward Plan

Currently, the commission is 50% of the premium paid, settled in NSURE. The price of ETH/NSURE at the commission distribution date will be used to in settlement. Total monthly reward for all agents will be capped at 50000 NSURE. If 50% of the total premium paid exceeds such limit, reward will be fractioned proportionally to each account.

You may opt to refer yourself to earn a 50% discount.

The reward plan is subject to change, as per announcement in the Nsure Community.

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