I. Overview

Polygon market:

The key functions and operations in Polygon is the same as those in Ethereum. Here in this page we only note down the difference from Ethereum. For detailed manual, you may refer to other docs:

II. Multiple Assets

Matic and USDC are selected to be accepted assets to be adopted for the Polygon marketplace. Both capital providers and policy buyers would utilise this denominated asset for policy acquisition and as collateral in capital/surplus pools for claim coverage.

Since the exchange rate of Matic-USDC is volatile, the team decided to separate marketplace for the two assets to avoid introducing any currency risk, including below settings -

  • You can switch between Ethereum, Polygon-Matic, Polygon-USDC marketplace by clicking bottoms at the top.

  • In Polygon, each listed protocols is listed in both Matic and USDC market, with a suffix to identify themselves (e.g. AAVE-Matic and AAVE-USDC). Their prices can be different because they are determined independently by the demand (outstanding policy value) and supply (underwriting staking) in their own marketplace.

  • For underwriters, deposited Nsure can be utilized in both markets. Staking power used and idle amount is calculated individually. Underwriters are allowed to withdraw no higher than the lesser one of the idle amount in two markets. For example, if Alex deposited 1000 Nsure in underwriting, and after he allocated his staking in both markets, the idle amount in Matic and USDC market are 100 Nsure and 200 Nsure respectively, then he is allowed to withdraw no more than 100 Nsure. Otherwise, either the staking power used or his staking in a single project in Matic market will exceed his deposited Nsure.

III. Token Contract Address

NSURE on Polygon:

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