Policy Purchase

I. Function

Policy purchase is the core function of Nsure Network. Users can buy coverage for the protocol where they've deposited their funds, with coverage duration of 30 to 365 days. The premium of policy is determined by our unique Dynamic Pricing Model which allows for market to influence the prices.

II. How to Purchase Policy

Step 1: Go to the Purchase section and select the target protocol by clicking Quote.

Note: Security Rating is an indicator of the smart contract risk level for each protocol. By influencing the risk factor used in the pricing, Security Rating impacts the cost for policies of each protocol.

Step 2: Input your desired policy duration and coverage amount. The price estimate will show up for your reference. You can also check the graphic at the top which displays at all points in time what the historical daily average price for the last 180 days / since inception of the product.

After clicking Get Quote and approve the contract, you complete the purchase.

Step 3: Check your policy status in Purchase section -> My Policy page. You can monitor all your active/expired policy together with the policy claims and mining status.

III. Policy Mining

Policy buyers are participating in mining as well, when purchasing coverage. A dedicated portion of the NSURE rewards, specifically 0.2NSURE/Block will be distributed among active policy holders. This can be found under the section of “Policy Mining”:

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